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Deciding Between a Fabric or Leather Recliner Chair

Posted on September 19, 2018

Sherborne Standard Claremont Leather Riser Recliner chair

A recliner chair offers excellent support. So, when you want to sit or get up without putting pressure on your muscles and joints, a recliner chair is what you need.

It offers excellent support when you’re seated. Simply lower the back and raise the footrest so you can lean back and relax in a comfortable position. You can raise the chair’s back when you want to get up with ease. This way your feet will touch the ground, so you can get up effortlessly.

Choosing between fabric and leather recliner chairs can be a tough decision to make. Let’s compare the two options.


If you’re looking for optimum comfort, a fabric rise and recliner chair is right for you. Fabric, by nature, is soft. Leather tends to be firmer and warmer. It can get warm in summer and cold in winters.

Be sure to choose a fabric recliner chair that supports your body shape. A recliner chair that is too soft will not offer the necessary support and can end up sagging.


Rise and recliner leather chairs are extremely durable compared to their fabric counterparts. As it ages, leather imparts a worn-out look, which adds more character to the chair. Although fabric chairs are durable, they start showing signs of wear and tear sooner.


If you are looking for timeless elegance, a leather recliner chair is the best option. However, if you want your recliner to match a particular decor, you will find more options in rise and recliner fabric chairs.


Premium fabric recliner chairs boast advanced treatments to handle wear and tear efficiently. Traditionally, fabric is known to tolerate scratches better than leather.

However, with Recliners and Beds, whether you are choosing leather or fabric rise and recliner chairs, maintenance is extremely easy, thanks to the use of an advanced fabric treatment called Aquaclean.

This treatment forms a protective coating, which protects the leather and fabric from stains and scratches such as those caused by pet claws. This helps prevent the fraying of core fabric layers.

This protective layer also prevents dirt from entering the fabric making it easy to clean the chair.

Even stubborn stains, such as those made by wine, mud, sauce, cream and chocolate can be cleaned easily with water.

Our fabric and leather rise and recliner chairs offer maximum comfort and support for the elderly and people with mobility issues including medical conditions such as arthritis, joint problems and backache.

View our extensive collection of fabric and leather recliner chairs here. Call 03306 781 222 today for more information.