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Why You Should Own an Electric Bed

Posted on August 22, 2018

6' Sherborne Dorchester Electric Adjustable Bed

Electric rise and recliner beds help improve the quality of sleep. These beds also ease symptoms of certain medical conditions and help patients get a good night’s sleep. Here are some ways how electric adjustable beds make life better for individuals.

Sound Sleep Quality

Uncomfortable sleeping positions greatly affect the quality of sleep. If you are changing positions often, it’s sure to disturb your sleep. Moreover, inappropriate positions can lead to body pain further adding to your sleep woes.

With a high-quality electric rise and recliner bed, you will be able to adjust your upper and lower body positions easily and quickly. In a convenient sleep position, your body will be well-supported, which is sure to give you a good night’s sleep.

Increased Independence for People with Mobility Issues

People with mobility issues experience more independence with the electric rise and recliner beds. They can easily adjust the bed to the most comfortable position through a simple battery-operated control. They can sit, rise, lie down and get out of the bed easily without anyone’s help.

Great Relief from Swelling Limbs

People suffering from the swelling of legs, ankles or feet due to medical conditions such as edema, can experience great benefits with an electric rise and recliner bed. Patients can keep their legs, and in general lower limbs at an elevated and comfortable position to ease the swelling.

Using electric adjustable beds is safer and more effective when compared to using pillows under the legs to achieve an elevated position. With an electric rise and recliner bed, you can adjust your leg position independently and retain the position for as long as you need.

Improved Circulation

With a comfortable sleep position, blood flow and circulation are greatly improved. This can ease the symptoms of joint pain and inflammation common in arthritis patients.

Improved Oxygen Flow

A horizontal position can interrupt airflow through pathways in the body, which can lead to difficulty in breathing. People with respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies are more vulnerable in a horizontal position.

By allowing you to adjust your sleeping position, electric beds facilitate easier breathing. The oxygen flow is easier when the bed is at an elevated position, which eases breathing.

By facilitating easier breathing, electric adjustable beds also reduce snoring as this condition is caused due to blocked airways.

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